Goldfield Suites

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We are committed to a healthy relationship with nature. A key part of our sustainability is an ecologically-friendly approach to servicing your suite if you stay for more than one night.  By not cleaning your bathroom or replacing your  linen on a daily basis you are helping us conserve water, electricity, and reduce chemical use. Naturally if you want to have fresh linen daily, just let us know.

Water consumption

We operate within our own water balance. We do this by collecting, storing and chemically-free treating rainwater for our water supply. Please be considerate when taking a shower. Our tiled flooring areas are cleaned with a steam mop which means no cleaning chemicals and no excessive water is used. Showers have flow restrictors to conserve water, but the water pressure is still great

Energy consumption

Our lights are either energy efficient or LED. Water heating is a gas fuelled on-demand system to minimise energy consumption. The property is double glazed and fully insulated to reduce heat loss and the need to heat.

Environmental guardianship

We are committed to our environment. We offset our, and our guests’, carbon footprint with carbon credits, and we provide Forest and Bird branded guest-toiletries to help fund their conservation efforts.  Help us reach our 100% recycling goal by using the recycle bins provided.  All our waste water stays on site. It is processed, filtered and clean water is recycled back into the ground. 

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