We love our ‘wee slice of paradise’ at Goldfield Suites and are committed to caring for it so that future generations may also enjoy our environment. We see ourselves as Kaitiaki (guardians) of our land, and endeavour to keep our footprint on the land as light as possible.

Caring For Our Environment

We have planted selected native plants with the express purpose of feeding native nectar eating songbird species, and we run our own predator trapping program to help keep our birdlife safe. At times, our place is alive with bird song. We are also home to weka, a native ground dwelling relative of the kiwi, and kiwi can often be heard at night.

Our commitment to the environment means we will only change your towels after your third night stay. Naturally if you want to have fresh linen on a daily basis, you only need to let us know.

  • We are in a constant process of reducing single use plastic without it affecting your stay in anyway. In keeping with our environmental philosophy, we have moved away from single use plastics in our complimentary toiletries, and we provide Forest and Bird branded guest-toiletries to help fund Forest and Bird’s conservation efforts.
  • Help us reach our 100% recycling goal by thinking before you throw anything away and make use of the recycle bins provided. One way you can do this is to reuse your ‘single use’ plastic water bottles by refilling them from our pristine water supply.
  • Our pillows use recycled bottles as their stuffing, and so far, we have accounted for nearly 489 recycled plastic bottles. While our duvet inners are made from sustainable bamboo fibres.
  • Our community is a small but great one. We like to support local business and enterprise wherever possible in terms of the goods and services we purchase. For example:  The free-range eggs used in our cooking are sourced from Paroa Feed Supplies just down the road.

Power Consumption

  • Our lights are mostly energy efficient /LED, with the remaining bulbs being replaced with energy efficient ones as they fail.
  • The property is double glazed, fully insulated and north-facing.
  • The electric heaters in the suites are modern energy efficient ones using 100% renewable hydro generated electricity.

Water Care

  • We rely on rainwater for our water supply. Although we have 100,000 litres of water in storage tanks, we still ask you to be considerate when taking a shower as the rainfall in the summer months is too unreliable to replenish the tanks.
  • The drinking water is filtered twice, and UV treated, providing you with clear, clean, chemical and flouride free water.
  • All our wastewater is processed on site and the clean grey water is returned to the environment to nurture our trees.
  • Our tiled flooring areas are cleaned with a steam mop which means no cleaning chemicals and no excessive water is used.
  • Showers have flow restricters to conserve water but the water pressure is still great.

Community Involvement

All our linen that is no longer in 100% pristine condition and any other surplus items are donated to the local charity shop for onward distribution to deserving families in need.

Annually, we sponsor a disadvantaged child to attend the Going Bananas Show. The Going Bananas Show strives to bring back the magic of a live show to regional towns and cities, and is for special needs and disadvantaged children in the community.

Andrew, as a returned serviceman, is a member and supporter of the local Returned Services Association branch. Our surplus organic produce from our grow-tunnel is sold at the RSA Saturday market to help raise funds for returned service people.

As a keen motorcyclist, Andrew remains an active member of national and local motorcycle riding and social clubs.

Guests may also get the opportunity to interact with the two community horses that periodically ‘stay’ to ‘mow’ our front paddock.

We support the Tiaki Promise (Tiaki means to care for people and place) and we undertake to care for New Zealand for now and future generations. We invite our guests to do the same when traveling in NZ and be mindful of the following:


for the land, sea and nature

Tread lightly and leave no trace. Remove, and when you can, recycle all of your rubbish and refill your water bottles.  All of New Zealand has potable water from the taps and when walking in nature keep to the designated paths and do not destroy or remove the native plants.

Travel Safely

showing care and consideration for all

It is different driving in New Zealand. You are encouraged to be careful, allow plenty of time, consider other drivers, be prepared for all types of weather and drive to the conditions. See this website for information that will be helpful  Driving safely | Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (nzta.govt.nz). Your car rental company will also provide you with information.

Respect Culture

travel with an open heart and mind

Be respectful. We are a multi -cultural society with a very proud Māori heritage. As you travel New Zealand you will hear the stories, see the signs in Māori and hear the language (te reo) being used.

Here are a few of our more common translations: Kia ora- hello and welcome, haere mai - welcome, come here, morena - good morning, haere rā - goodbye, farewell, ka pai – good or well done, ka te pai – okay, and ngā mihi - thank you, best wishes.


Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 3.33.16 PM

Goldfield Suites has partnered with Forever Forests, an organisation whose vision is to enhance the growth of native forests in New Zealand by giving businesses a platform to offset their carbon and to connect them with the local landowners running regeneration projects.

In a relatively short period of time, Forever Forests have protected more than 2,000 hectares of native forest, supported landowners, offset 9.2 million tonnes of local businesses' CO2 emissions, and partnered with like-minded people also putting in the work to make a positive contribution to climate change.

What does this all mean?

It means biodiversity within these protected and new forests will increase, our waterways will be cleaner, more carbon gets sucked out of the atmosphere, and best of all - we recap the rewards with cleaner air to breathe and purified streams and rivers!

Scanning the QR code will take you to the Forever Forests website, where you can join with us by donating a tree at a very small cost.