Goldfield Suites

Enjoy the perks

Turn your motel stay into an experience and enjoy the perks of staying at Qualmark’s only Silver Four Star rated motel in Greymouth.

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Our price pledge

Preferential direct booking rates with a guaranteed saving off the online booking sites such as and Expedia.

Our rates are all-inclusive and there are no booking fees

Aerial view of Goldfield Suites

Enjoy a quiet night

Being in the country, and off the state highway, we do not get the road noise and milk tanker traffic of other motels, guaranteeing you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Hot tub

Hot tub

Enjoy complimentary use of our Swedish wood-fired hot tub set in a secluded clearing.

Breakfast alfresco at Goldfield Suites

Private deck

All of our suites have a private deck with a cafe setting.

Nespresso coffee

Start your day off with a cup of ‘inspiration’ made just how you like it. All of our rooms come with a Nespresso machine.

Hosted evening meals

Enjoy a slow-cooked, or chargrilled, bbq evening meal of the day (over the summer months) in a group setting in our outdoor kitchen. Please let us know in advance of your intention to dine in as the slow-cooked meals require lengthy cooking time.

weka at Goldfield Suites

Weka included

Enjoy interacting with the free-ranging weka that make Goldfield Suites their home.

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